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Why use “Pure Water “?

The “Pure Water Technology” is cutting edge technology which involves the purifying of tap water, thus making it the only compound in the cleaning process for the best and long lasting finish.

The water is pumped through a water fed pole. Dirt and dust is brushed off the glass and frame with a soft bristled brush whilst at the same time rinsing away any dirt with extremely pure water. Using this method, windows are left wet. Once dry you will notice that the windows are spotless because all the minerals and impurities have been removed from the water during the purification process.

The main advantage of using water fed poles is the ability to access upper windows thus minimizing the use of ladders which carry added safety risks.

Using water fed poles is arguably much quicker than traditional methods.

Whether you require a ‘One-Off Clean' or would like to be on our very flexible ‘Regular Window Cleaning Services', we will always provide you with a First Class Window Cleaning Service.

We are happy to combine traditional squeegee methods when it is not suitable to use the pole system. Pure Cleaning & Maintenance uses the most modern method in window cleaning. The “Pure Water Technology”!



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